Unlocking the Power of Post

In the bustling world of business, where digital strategies often steal the spotlight, it’s easy to overlook the enduring power of good old-fashioned mail. Yet, a recent Power Hour session hosted by the Greendale Chamber of Commerce allowed speakers from the US Post Office to shed light on the potential of leveraging postal services for modern marketing success.

Led by Postmaster Heather Laehn and expert Heather Burches, the session delved into insights, services, and discounts tailored specifically for businesses like yours.

Chamber members in attendance enjoyed an in-depth introduction to the new Informed Delivery feature. Picture this: your customers receiving scanned images of your marketing mail pieces up to 48 hours in advance. It’s a game-changer, providing a unique opportunity to make your mail stand out even before it hits the mailbox. With a dash of creativity, your marketing materials can captivate audiences long before they’re physically in their hands.

This session brought us a reminder to not overlook the power of Targeted Direct Mail. In a world saturated with digital noise and endless emails, personalized messages delivered straight to your customers’ doorsteps carry significant weight. The USPS reports that over half of surveyed customers have tried a new business in the past 6 months after receiving marketing mail. That’s tangible proof of the impact well-crafted mail can have on consumer behavior.

But perhaps the real gem of the session was the introduction of “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM) Geographical Mail. This innovative approach expands consumer reach based on location, offering businesses like yours the ability to tailor messages to specific demographics. It’s a powerful tool for saturation marketing, ensuring your message lands directly in the hands of those most likely to respond.

Of course, navigating the realm of postal services can seem daunting at first glance. That’s why Laehn and Burches emphasized the importance of reaching out to a USPS sales representative for personalized guidance. Whether it’s Targeted Direct Mail or EDDM, expert advice can help tailor your strategy to meet your unique marketing goals. Just email [email protected] to get started!

But the benefits of attending the Greendale Chamber of Commerce Power Hour extend far beyond gaining “postal prowess.” These monthly sessions offer diverse perspectives on how your business can interact with a variety of resources and services in the area. From networking opportunities to client recruitment and partnership formation, the Chamber is a hub of opportunity waiting to be tapped. Become a member today: https://greendalechamber.com/join/.

So, as the fourth Tuesday of the month approaches, consider setting your alarm just a little earlier and join us at 8 am in Greendale’s Historic Hose Tower. The insights gained may just be the missing piece in your business puzzle. After all, in a world where connections are currency, every Power Hour brings the potential for growth, innovation, and lasting success.


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