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Free Promotion for Members

As an added benefit to membership, the Chamber now has sponsored Vendor Tables at select public events in Greendale. Space is limited!

Our Strategic Goals for 2023

The Greendale Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote and protect the interest of our members while connecting businesses to the Greendale community and surrounding areas.

Debbie Barth - President

Last year's goal for strengthening internal ties with our members has exceeded all expectations and our focus for this year will turn to external targets as we further expand the Greendale Chamber.

This year we will enlarge our circle of influence as we equip members to meet one-on-one to learn more about each other’s businesses and who we can refer to them. We will invite external speakers to further educate us on topics of interest, and get insights from members themselves. But it’s not all learning. We will have fun too as we build relationships during newly-introduced quarterly social events our members will be proud to invite their clients to.

In true Greendale nature, we have been welcomed with open arms by the Greendale Village Board and other local civic organizations. We receive regular updates from the Village Manager, one of the Village board members, and the School District Superintendent who serve on our board along with some of the most influential business owners in the area! In fact, Village Hall has graciously made their Events Coordinator available to us as we execute our strategies for drawing more business to Greendale. We look forward to fostering strong future ties between the Chamber and the Greendale Village Board.

Greendale is open for business, and we want more people to know about it. This year the Chamber will spearhead the branding of Greendale as a family destination for leisurely walks, pristine green spaces, history, fine dining, and a quaint shopping experience.

We look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2023, and are ready to go to work!

Connecting Business to the Community

Connect with like-minded professionals

During our monthly Power Hour meetings, members share their expertise and current developments within their industry, paving the way for new business opportunities and referrals.

Community Driven

We're small, and that's the way we like it. It allows us more time to build lasting relationships with individuals that share our passion for serving Greendale.

We Thrive on Commerce

Our members are made up of savvy business owners and top representatives of every civic organization in Greendale. Together we form a cohesive unit focused on helping your business thrive.

For general questions about the Greendale Chamber of Commerce

Welcome Center, 5680 Broad Street, Greendale,WI 53129
Phone: (414) 220-0553