Connecting business to our community


2023 Greendale Business of the Year

Our Purpose

Connect with like-minded professionals

During our monthly Power Hour meetings, members share their expertise and current developments within their industry, paving the way for new business opportunities and referrals.

Community Driven

We're small, and that's the way we like it. It allows us more time to build lasting relationships with individuals that share our passion for serving Greendale.

We Thrive on Commerce

Our members are made up of savvy business owners and top representatives of every civic organization in Greendale. Together we form a cohesive unit focused on helping your business thrive.

Our Strategic Goals

Debbie Barth, President
Debbie Barth, President

The Greendale Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote and protect the interest of our members while connecting businesses to the Greendale community and surrounding areas.

We are committed to strengthening internal ties with our members while harnessing opportunities through collaboration with external entities as we further expand the Greendale Chamber. We're all about Community, Connection and Commerce and have highlighted relevant action items under each area of focus:


  • Make current and potential customers aware of the outstanding businesses in Greendale through regular business spotlights and Business of the Year awards
  • Continue our strong relationship with the Village civic organizations so that we can remain a positive influence on decisions that affect area businesses. To that end the Village Manager, Superintendent of Schools and one of the Village board members serve on our board, sharing their knowledge and supporting the Chamber efforts.


  • Further relationships between members as we refer business to each other through friendship and trust.
  • Attract more members buy informing prospects of the numerous benefits of membership, ever striving to add more value to being a part of the Greendale Chamber


  • As resources gradually become available, we will develop marketing plans to attract new businesses and stimulate commerce for existing businesses in the area

Tactics for fleshing out these plans are illustrated below:

The best way to reach us is through email, but you can also leave a voicemail at 414-220-0553.

Welcome Center, 5680 Broad Street, Greendale, WI 53129