Tips for One-to-one networking meetings

I found an excellent article by Sierra Bailey where she provides 10 useful tips about one-to-one meetings. During the Power Hour, listen to the one-minute commercials from the members in the room, and schedule a one-to-one with those people you find interesting. Don’t think of them as potential customers, but rather consider them as potential influencers – the people you surround yourself with encourages you and grow your business. Yes, they may also be in your “circle of influence” referring business your way.

Remember, a one-to-one is not your opportunity to pitch business, but rather to build a relationship while equipping the person you’re meeting with to know just enough about your business to refer people to it. And you want to extend them the same courtesy.

Here are Sierra’s 10 tips as I summarized them:
1. Understand WHO you should have one-on-ones with.
2. You should have up to 5 one-on-one meetings per week
3. Zoom one-on-ones are a great option
4. Do only a tiny bit of homework before the meeting, enough to keep you curious.
5. Ask, ask, ask. Don’t make it all about you. And look for the commonalities.
6. The aim is to connect, ask “how can I help you” without coming across as condescending. Remember, you are peers.
7. Make sure you follow up after the meeting and do what you promised during your discussion.
8. Schedule another meeting. Every three months is a good rule of thumb.
9. Stay in touch on social media.
10. Remember, not everyone wants to be your friend. Not everyone is a giver, a few are takers and a few are exchangers.

Here’s her full article