Business of the Year

Voted by the Greendale Community

Every month, the Greendale Chamber of Commerce recognizes an outstanding business in the area. In February of the following year, the community is asked to vote online for the Business of the Year. There are three areas of consideration, and the recognized business can be nominated for one, two, or all three of these recognition categories: Innovation, Community Service and Employee Satisfaction.

The winning businesses for each category will be the three nominees for Business of the Year. The highest total vote count will be named the overall Business of the Year at the Greendale Gala, sponsored by the Greendale Chamber of Commerce.

2023 Winner: Business of the Year


Our recognition by Greendale Chamber of Commerce for 2023 Business of the Year is a proud reflection of our dedication to both hard work and genuine camaraderie. Throughout the year, our team actively participates in a diverse array of engagement opportunities, including but not limited to daily morning rounds, monthly team meetings, quarterly skill-enhancing labs, and festive celebrations sprinkled throughout the year. We believe in recognizing and appreciating the efforts of every team member, evident in events like Boss's Day, Staff Appreciation Week, and our annual Holiday party held at a nearby venue. Additionally, our commitment extends beyond the clinic, as demonstrated by our active participation in volunteering events such as Pet Palooza and Village Days. Whether it's celebrating milestones, fostering team unity through exciting events, or contributing to the community, our employee engagement is a dynamic blend of hard work and joyful collaboration.

Innovation Winner: The Combs Team - RE/MAX Lakeside

Shannon and Tom Combs, along with the Combs Team of Realtors have stood out as a business that has served Greendale for as long as we can remember. From Faces of Greendale to them serving as Lions as well as Chamber board members, they  have become a very visible face in the community because they're ALWAYS there for the people they selflessly serve.

The team has devoted their time and efforts over the past few years to bring the Faces of Greendale to life. Their work selecting and interviewing community members who make an impactful difference in Greendale has helped neighbors to get to know each other. It isn't just selecting and interviewing, but also the work of writing, editing and publishing that Tom, Shannon and their team commit to that make Faces of Greendale such a meaningful and interesting read! This year, the Faces of Greendale assisted the Public Library develop a historical perspective of community members who serve using the Faces of Greendale as a model.

Community Service Winner: North Shore Bank

Employees are Active in the Community and donates to the community. The team of North Shore Bank is present at every community event from Village Days to Dickens and everything in between. North Shore Bank has sponsored events as well. The team is generous with their time and money.