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Get Fit. Get Healthy. Be Happy. Our team of Fitness Coaches and Nutrition Experts can help you transform your body and change your life.
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Our primary focus will be to use our programming to make (and keep) you healthy without putting you at risk of injury. However, you will find, as many of our other members have, that what we teach at Peak Performance Fitness Facility will do more than just improve how much weight you can lift or how high you can jump… We are more concerned with teaching proper movement mechanics and ensuring you leave our facilities better than you came in! In the event you do become injured – because let’s face it, life happens! Whether you come to us with a previous injury, an injury you suffer at the gym, or outside of the gym, we have an entire team of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Coaches dedicated to rehabbing, or working around any soreness/injuries you may experience. We even have an entire injury modification program built into all of our memberships!

Our gym is led by Frank Colavita and Nora Broberg (who are the Owners) and an amazing Coaching staff.

Our philosophy is to create a personal relationship with you and all of our clients. We WANT our clients to come in and use the gym. We will hold you accountable to your goals and keep you motivated to coming back, especially why life gets in the way and you need someone to hold you accountable. Our team will be contacting you!

Our Greendale facility is over 10,000 sq. feet and our Racine facility is also a sizable 7200 sq. feet and both house state of the art equipment and amenities. More importantly, both gyms are filled with the most incredible, hard-working, and dare we say; loving members that any gym could ask for. Come in and begin to understand what so many already know. We offer a free consultation where you can tour our facilities, observe a class and ask as many questions as you wish!

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  • Our nutrition program aims at educating you and putting you back on the right track for success.

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