Business of the Year

Nominee Descriptions

Innovation: Field Workshop

Field Workshop is a business built on innovation and creativity. Beginning as a “Tinker Lab,” their term for a makerspace, business has expanded through innovation. Targeting non-traditional learners, Field Workshop launched a number of daytime academic enrichment classes in partnership with Greendale Schools. A story about this innovation was featured on Spectrum 1 News in January. 

In addition, Field Workshop introduced a glow in the dark Splatter Room, which is the only one in the area! Visitors have come to Greendale from as far as Grafton, Illinois, Burlington, and other surrounding communities for this unique experience. Field Workshop is truly unique.  Offering open-ended creative experiences, art classes, academic enrichment and more.  

Community Service: Gift of Wings

Gift of Wings sponsors many community-wide events to both market their business and serve the community. Over the last few years, at a time when community gatherings were limited, Gift of Wings found ways to engage outside with Kites Over Greendale, Hallowings Pumpkin Festival and Hosting Saturday Night Movies at Gazebo Park. They are always coming up with fun and unique ways to be involved and spread the word about their business, while providing fun and making a positive impact on the community. They also do an impressive job with the use of video and social media.

Employee Engagement: Konstantakis Law Offices

The Konstantakis Law Office truly values employees. Multiple nomination submissions describe how employees are treated well. The leadership at Konstantakis plans multiple office outings each year and provides staff opportunities to attend multiple networking events as a group. Konstantakis Law has a team environment approach in the workplace that’s focused on everyone working together toward a common goal! Konstantakis has remained fully staffed at a time when talent is difficult to find. Employees join the team and stay because Konstantakis offers exceptional work-life balance and employees “Always feel appreciated!”