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By greendalechamber, Jan 26 2017 11:09AM

The Greendale Chamber of Commerce will once again conduct annual Greendale Candidate Forums moderated by the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County to educate voters on the upcoming local Greendale elections. Two separate candidate forums will be held this year, one for Village Board candidates, and one for School Board candidates. The date of the Spring Primary Election is Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The date of the Spring Election is April 4, 2017.

The School Board Candidate Forum will be held on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Hose Tower Building (5699 Parking Street). The Forum will be for the Greendale School Board (3 candidates for 1 seat). Since there are 3 candidates running for 1 seat, there will be a primary election held for School Board on February 21, 2017. All of the candidates have been invited and are expected to participate.

The Village Board Candidate Forum has not been scheduled yet. The forum will be for the Greendale Village Board (3 candidates for 2 seats). A forum for Village Board candidates will be held in March. All of the candidates will be invited.

Village Board

Jeff Birmingham

Carl Genz

Donna M. Ouellette

School Board

Mary L. Grogan

Kathleen Wied-Vincent

Tina Zamjahn

The Candidate Forums are an open format to allow the candidates to answer questions posed by the audience and non-biased questions through a moderator. Each question will be directed to all candidates. All moderation, timing and sorting of questions will be done by the League of Women Voters to ensure impartiality to the proceeding.

The Chamber of Commerce will once again organize and host these events. The public is welcome to attend and the local media will also be invited. Residents can enjoy these events and have an opportunity to personally meet and discuss concerns with the candidates following the Forums.

The purpose of the Forums is to introduce and educate Chamber members and the citizens of Greendale to the issues facing their community. As an organization, the Greendale Chamber of Commerce will remain non-partisan and will not endorse any of the candidates.

Persons requiring additional information may contact Todd Michaels at (414) 423-2100 x3110.

By greendalechamber, Nov 20 2015 11:12PM

With help from the Greendale Chamber of Commerce, YEA! (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) Greendale has developed an exciting opportunity for students and area business leaders.

YEA! Greendale is in search of 8 committed business leaders to act as a business mentor to Greendale High School students who are trying to develop a business plan. Coaching, guidance, and direction to a business enterprise will be part of this mentoring experience and will be conducted at Greendale High School. Your commitment will have a significant impact on the students’ ability to launch and run their own REAL, albeit modest, business or nonprofit organizations.

YEA! Business Mentors commit to seven classroom visits , taking place from January 7 through February 18, 2016, from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m. and continued out-of-class support through email and phone through March 17. You’ll have the opportunity to assist your student or group in the process of developing and writing a business plan and creating an investor presentation used to request funding. YEA! also encourages you to share your business experiences with the groups over the course of your meetings. Previous students have indicated that hearing firsthand accounts from members of the business community make a significant impact on what they are learning.

As we move forward into the 2015-16 academic year of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, they anticipate needing mentors to work with the students during class sessions. The YEA! Instructor will be providing instruction and guidance each class period before YEA! Business Mentors arrive to work with their individual student groups.

For more information about this exciting and rewarding opportunity, please contact Kitty Goyette; who serves as the YEA! Greendale Participant Program Manager at (414) 416-6215, or by email at

Learn more about YEA! Greendale at

By greendalechamber, Apr 8 2015 11:39PM

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), announced March 25th that Greendale High School will pilot

the first YEA! program in southeastern Wisconsin beginning in fall 2015. YEA! is an innovative program that transforms local middle and high school students into real entrepreneurial successes.

YEA! is a cutting-edge program that takes students between the ages of 11 and 18 through the process of planning and launching a real business or social movement over the course of an academic year. By the end of the class, students own and operate fully formed and functioning businesses, which may be carried on after their graduation from the program. YEA! aims to teach students at an early age how to make a job, not just take a job. It is the ONLY pre-college program developed by an entrepreneur, at a university, with support from a major entrepreneurial foundation, the Kauffman Foundation and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

"We are excited about launching this expansion and specifically chose Greendale Schools because of its reputation for academic excellence," said Gayle Jagel, the CEO and Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Jagel developed the YEA! program in 2004, while serving as the Director of the Office of Special Programs at the University of Rochester. In 2008, YEA! "spun-off" from the University to create its own not-for-profit corporation, YEA! Inc. The program is currently introducing sites in colleges, universities, and high schools across the country. YEA! Greendale is a collaboration of the school districts of Greendale, Greenfield, and Whitnall.

"We are so thrilled to be the next school district in the nation to adopt the Young Entrepreneurs Academy," said John Tharp, Ed.D, superintendent of Greendale Schools. "This program will enhance business education for our students, and provide a unique, challenging, and fulfilling experience for all participants."

During the nine-month YEA! program, students will brainstorm and form their enterprises, make pitches to real investors, obtain funding, file their DBAs, and by the end, actually launch their own business or social movement! Business mentors and local entrepreneurs across a variety of industries will support the students throughout the program. All of the learning is real and experiential.

"One of the most interesting components of the YEA! program is the actual 'behind the scenes' knowledge that local business leaders are able to share with students," said Tharp, who also serves as the secretary of the Greendale Chamber of Commerce. "This experience is something they will be able to apply to any field they choose to enter, and will provide them with the necessary skills to become future leaders of their industries.

"The entire community is on board with YEA! Greendale's plans to pilot the program in the fall," adds Jagel. "We encourage local business leaders to become involved with the program and to act as mentors to the budding entrepreneurs." By partnering with YEA!, both large and small businesses can volunteer their time as business mentors, field trip hosts, guest lecturers, graphic designers, web developers, attorneys, and more. Community support strengthens the program, and the academy strengthens the community.